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Welcome to our studio!  Since 2001, Benjamin Spencer and Martha Ebner have been creating original, hand-made works of art at Rust Avenue Studios. For information about purchasing, contact us.

photo credit: Mark Roessler


Martha Ebner
When I take the time to listen to the laughter, the peacefulness and the perseverance found in nature, I am always rewarded. My work is about the essence of a moment, fleeting and ephemeral, and is a meditation in the midst of a busy life.

Benjamin Spencer
I make graphic images that are built out of the simplification of colors, systems, details and textures. I work primarily in black and white. I try to keep a sense of curiosity and discovery in my work. I have a tendency to find patterns in chaos and variation in structures. I like to place the same filter of observation over nature, machine and man and I see my artwork as the result of this process.

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